Run Free

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Run Free

Why did I buy an Apple Watch?  To tell the time?  I've been pulling my phone out of my pocket for years, and it was no trouble.  To never miss a call or a text?  Well it really hasn't ever been too much of a problem. Nothing was mission critical.  

For fitness?  Would it get me out of bed and onto the running track or bike?  I didn't think so.  The truth is I bought it as an experiment.  I didn't need it, but 2 years later, it's the first thing I put on in the morning.  I'm now conscious of how much energy I use (or don't use) during the day and while a don't feel guilty if I don't hit my daily target, I find it a motivator to get out and move.


The best feature, was unlocked when I got wireless headphones.  The Apple Watch, and wireless headphones = Freedom.  I can walk the dog (no not with a yoyo, what is this? 1992?) bike ride or run, without my phone slipping through my sweaty fingers or bouncing around in my shorts pocket.  I don't have a headphone cable running down the back of my neck and up my shirt sleeve so it doesn't get hooked on a tree branch and get ripped out of my ears.


I can listen to music, or better still (for me) I can put on a podcast, and disappear into the conversation.  My watch can check how hard I'm working, how far I've run, how fast my heart is beating etc.  I don't get hung up on the details, but they're tracked if I'm interested.  There's fancy apps to help with training, or the basic built in Activity App does a terrific job.  When I've had enough, I can check if I'm improving, or not.  It's there if I want it.  2 years later, I still feel a motivation to get moving, and give myself a pat on the back when I'm done.


If you don't have wireless headphones, I highly recommend them.  Apptech sells the ever popular 'AirPods' by Apple, as well as other options like Powerbeats wireless headphones.  Ask in store for more info.


*** Added bonus.  ApplePay.  Wow.  Securely pay for things, without needing your wallet, or phone near you.  Have you got a toddler in your arms while buying milk?  (regular real life example) Don't bother reaching into your pocket, just tap your watch!  Huge.  There's no going back.


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