Insurance Reports

At Apptech, we offer a specialised service for insurance reports, where we conduct thorough inspections and provide comprehensive reports detailing the issues with your product, along with available solutions and related costs. This service is designed to assist you in navigating insurance claims and making informed decisions regarding your device.

Our experienced technicians will examine your Apple product, whether it's a Mac, iOS device, AirPods, Apple TV, Beats headphones, or HomePod. We will identify and document any existing issues, damages, or malfunctions, providing a detailed report that outlines the findings.

The insurance report we provide is a valuable resource that outlines the necessary repairs or services required to restore your device to its optimal condition. The report also includes available solutions and an estimation of the related costs involved.

For this comprehensive insurance report service, we charge a fixed fee of A$99. This fee covers the thorough inspection, the detailed report preparation, and the professional expertise of our technicians.

At Apptech, we understand the importance of accurate documentation when dealing with insurance claims. Our goal is to provide you with a reliable and detailed report that serves as a crucial tool for your insurance process. With our service, you can confidently proceed with your insurance claim, armed with comprehensive information about the issues, solutions, and associated costs of your Apple product.