Battery Replacement iPhone 15 Lineup

At Apptech, we specialise in battery replacement services for the iPhone 15 models. Over time, the battery inside your iPhone undergoes wear and tear and may require replacement. If your battery's total health is below 80%, it is recommended to have it replaced soon to ensure optimal performance.

Benefits of Battery Replacement:

  • Improved battery life and longevity
  • Enhanced device performance and responsiveness
  • Reduced risk of unexpected shutdowns

Out-of-warranty Battery Replacement Cost: A$169

Have AppleCare+? Your battery replacement could be free! Battery must be below 80% capacity or failing diagnostic tests. 

Our Repair Process:

  1. Pre-repair and post-repair tests: To ensure the best possible service, we conduct comprehensive tests on your device before and after the repair. This helps us identify any pre-existing issues and guarantees a successful repair. All our repairs are backed by an Apple warranty.

  2. Repair Duration and Appointments: Our skilled technicians typically complete battery replacements within 2-3 hours. Due to limited supplies and time slots, appointments are required. Contact us to schedule an appointment that suits your convenience.

  3. Warranty Details: We offer a 2-year warranty within Australia for battery repairs. In the unlikely event of a defective battery, we will replace it free of charge. Please note that this warranty does not cover a consumed battery.

Before bringing in your device for repair, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Back up your iPhone's data: Ensure all your important data is safely backed up to prevent any potential loss during the repair process.

  2. Update your iOS software: To ensure compatibility and optimize performance, it's advisable to update your iPhone's software to the latest version available.

  3. Turn off Find My iPhone: Disable the Find My iPhone feature to facilitate a smooth repair process.

Additional Services:

In addition to battery replacements, we also offer a range of other iPhone repair services, including:

  • Screen replacements
  • Rear Glass repairs
  • Charging port repairs
  • Speaker and microphone repairs
  • Camera repairs
  • Taptic Engine repairs
  • And more

If your issue isn't listed, Simply contact us for assistance.

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Our team of experienced technicians is here to assist you with all your iPhone battery replacement and repair needs. Trust us to provide reliable and professional service that ensures the optimal performance of your device.